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Among all the animals we were able to approach, there is one particularly fascinating one: The polar bear.

Imagine almost 800 kg of muscle and almost 3 metres long for a predator at the top of the food chain.
He is, along with the elephant seal and the Kodiac bear, one of the largest living land carnivores. Threatened by the melting of ice due to global warming, it is on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Estimates predict that it will disappear in a hundred years or so if the climate continues to warm.

We offer you the opportunity to meet him in the form of real safaris on board adapted vehicles, mountain bikes or on foot, starting from 4 ecolodges located in different parts of Hudson Bay. A total immersion to allow you to get acquainted with the fauna and flora of the wild arctic.

You will meet White or Black Bears, Wolves, Foxes, Belugas, Moose or Caribou, but also thousands of birds or multicoloured flowers and plants.

Good to know :
Given the very small capacity of these lodges, maximum 16 people, it is strongly recommended to book more than one year in advance..

We have detailed several different programmes to enable you to make the most of your Safari according to your availability and your desires.


This program takes place during the polar bear season, in October and November, when polar bears congregate in large numbers on the Hudson Bay coast to await freeze-up and the start of their annual seal hunt.

Churchill’s population skyrocketed to about 2,500 at that time, but the remoteness of Dymond Lake Ecolodge will allow you to escape the crowds while enjoying the most unique and interactive experience available.

30 km north of Churchill on a strip of land bordered by Dymond Lake and Hudson Bay, this programme combines four days at our Dymond Lake ecolodge, where many of the Arctic’s most famous residents are seen and photographed on foot, with a day trip in a Tundra Buggy® to Churchill.

You will be able to observe polar bears, arctic and red fox, arctic hare, wolf and moose, as well as many species of birds such as snowy owls, ptarmigan and gyrfalcons.

In addition to wildlife observation at the Lodge, highlights are the evening presentations by our specialized guides and often the Northern Lights shows!


A Safari to do in summer with your family, because yes, you can see polar bears in summer! This is the most popular programme and takes place in July and August at the Seal River Heritage Lodge, which is proud to be a member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection.

This program combines the thrill of walking with polar bears and beluga whale watching for an Arctic experience unlike any other!

During this trip you will have the opportunity to see other Arctic wildlife, many birds such as ptarmigan, Smith’s sparrow, Ross’s and Bonaparte’s gulls, jaegers, etc. It is not unusual for birdwatchers to see over 100 different species of birds during their adventure.

The mornings will be devoted to marine visits or walks. Lunch will usually be back at the lodge, unless your guides take you on a ATV tour named the “Toundra Rhino” further down the coast. Sea excursions are tide-dependent, so scheduled meal times can be adjusted to allow for whale watching.

In the evening, prepare to have your sleep cut short by a night visit from one of the great ice bears (or one of our sparkling Northern Lights!) The program also includes two beautiful flights over Hudson Bay to and from the lodge where you will see some beautiful scenery.


Held at Seal River Heritage Lodge or Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge during the traditional polar bear viewing months of October and November, this programme is a must-see adventure for professional or budding wildlife photographers.

This safari offers you the opportunity to experience wildlife photography face to face with the animal. This is the time when bears begin to congregate along the Hudson Bay coast in anticipation of the freeze and the start of their annual seal hunt.

You’ll explore the Arctic landscape on foot with professional guides every day in search of polar bears, although you may not have to go far! Our large bay windows offer a panoramic view of Hudson Bay, and polar bears venture out to the Lodge’s windows and fences.

The Seal River Heritage Lodge is ideally located for photographing polar bears on stunning backgrounds of ice and snow. The season offers an exceptional number of clear nights for Northern Lights photography, and we also have the highest number of sunny days on the Hudson Bay coast, providing incredible light opportunities in the morning and evening.

In an extremely rugged and isolated environment, the Lodges allow photographers to spend long days in the field getting up close and personal with Arctic wildlife in search of the perfect shot. Of course, you can also photograph caribou, moose, arctic fox, ptarmigan, gyrfalcon, snowy owl and more. Some departures are supervised by professional wildlife photographers or can be done in a double lodge combining both accommodations.


This program takes place in the heart of the polar bear denning area at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, where the boreal forest ends and the subarctic begins. This unique convergence of ecosystems, fed by the coastal waters of Hudson Bay, is home to polar bears, black bears, wolves, moose and a diverse range of other wildlife, plants and animals that have remained unchanged after thousands of years. Being located only on the Mississippi Flyway, the huge herds that fill the air at the beginning of the fall migration can be impressive.

The Hudson Bay Odyssey includes daily hikes through the pristine wilderness of Cape Tatnam, where you will have the opportunity to take unique photographs, especially on fall excursions when brilliant colours are on display.

Seeing a polar bear nursing her cubs, watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky and hearing wolves howling as you fall asleep are among the most beautiful things you will have the chance to share with us.


The Wildlife & Wellness Safari is the perfect relaxing antidote to the hectic pace of everyday life, combining intimate encounters with wildlife with guided wellness and mindfulness activities. Enjoy four glorious days of hiking, meditation and fitness classes with Corrina Anne-Poss of Limitless Motion while interacting with the wildlife that lives around Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, which at any given time includes polar bears, black bears, wolves, moose and more.

Wildlife, wonder and well-being await you in the soothing wilderness of northern Manitoba. 

Outre des séances de méditation guidées quotidiennes en option, une variété d’entraînements, y compris le yoga et le qigong, feront partie de votre séjour au Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

You will delight your taste buds with our tundra-inspired cuisine, accompanied by selected Canadian wines. Food is an essential part of a journey of well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

The Northern Lights will dance in the sky without any light pollution, no noise except the occasional howl of a wolf. Our location offers the opportunity to enjoy the greatest light show on earth from the lodge and with a bit of luck, we might even be able to do an outdoor yoga session under the lights!

Corrina is a firm believer in mind-body-spirit connection and from her comfortable studio in Calgary, Alberta, she develops personalized healing and wellness routines using Redcord Neuromuscular Active Training, Rehab Pilates and Suspension Massage to help you achieve your goals.

An exciting and relaxing programme at the same time.


This program takes place at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge and immerses you in one of the last wild and untamed regions of the world: the Canadian Arctic.

Similar to our Hudson Bay Odyssey, we have added 2 days to explore the port of Churchill and to kayak with beluga whales. The quality of the wildlife on this safari, combined with the clean, crisp wild air, makes this programme a bestseller.

We start in Winnipeg with a bit of history to discover the areas you will explore at the Arctic Gallery, the Manitoba Museum, and the Fur Trade “Artifacts Vault”. Your real exploration begins in Churchill, the gateway to the historic fur trade. The isolation of this Arctic port has preserved the link between the timeless practices of the northern natives and the modernization of the 21st century.

A first encounter with one of the many specially adapted mammals of the Arctic ecosystem, the beluga whale, in Churchill, which you will observe on board sea kayaks to get as close as possible to the animal ;

Then you will be transferred by plane to our Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge for unparalleled access to the Hudson Bay coast and its polar bear habitat. Make sure you have your cameras ready on your flight to the lodge as this rugged landscape is truly extraordinary.

Once in Nanuk, your daily hikes to observe polar bears can also bring you into contact with black bears, moose or wolves. Often they come directly to the lodge attracted by their curiosity or the smells they emanate.

Your walking encounters are complemented by small group mountain bike excursions that will take you further to new panoramas, where the backdrop of the boreal forest will make for great photos. You will be able to observe more than 130 species of migratory birds. And always in the evening, the Northern Lights and stargazing… it’s magical!


limited to only 12 anglers per year this programme is a special fly fishing trip. We will travel from the lodge by ATV through streams and rivers to locate pockets of ravenous brook trout in epic settings, and don’t be surprised if you see polar bears on your trips. This is their desert.

We have located pristine waters on an area of the Hudson Bay coast that is home to an incredible population of wild char that have never been fished before. 

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge will be your base camp for this exclusive trip, allowing you to relax in cosy comfort after a day of fishing in the crystal clear waters surrounding the lodge.

Take the opportunity to observe boreal and coastal wildlife such as wolves, moose, black and polar bears on your way to the fly fishing spot of the day or on guided expeditions along the coastline.

It is one of the wildest places in the world, untouched and untamed.

Terres Sauvages designs tailor-made travel experiences in nature outside the classic programmes. We can customise Arctic safaris to accommodate private, personal and small group adventures. Your tailor-made travel experience with us is really only limited by your imagination. We have the experience, staff and infrastructure to make your dreams come true in the Arctic.




A proud member of the prestigious National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection, Seal River Heritage Lodge is located 60 km and 30 minutes north of Churchill by plane, in the heart of polar bear country.

Ideally located on the shores of Hudson Bay near the Seal River estuary, where thousands of beluga whales congregate every summer, this eco-lodge welcomes you in the wilderness with all the comforts of home. Large bay windows offer spectacular views of the Hudson Bay coast, maximizing polar bear and wildlife viewing.

Impossible to give a category or a number of stars, but this base camp is one of the most comfortable stops in this part of the world.



Our second lodge to be part of the prestigious National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection, Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is located 250 km southeast of Churchill, Manitoba on the Hudson Bay coast near historic York Factory.

This lodge overlooks the Arctic Ocean, in the heart of the boreal forest and is located along the Mississippi Flyway.
This results in a great diversity of coastal and forest wildlife. Polar bears, black bears, wolves and moose inhabit this coastline and the wildlife encounters and interactions we have experienced over the years have been incredible. It is also a paradise for amateur ornithologists, especially in early fall.

The remoteness of this Lodge offers you exclusive access to one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world. It is also strategically located close to the known polar bear maternity denning areas that we explore.

Its 8 guest rooms are comfortable and offer all the comforts of home.

The living room features large bay windows with a panoramic view of Hudson Bay and a warm and welcoming fireplace. A unique base camp in the world that will leave you starry-eyed.



Access:  by plane only. Seaplane, seaplane or helicopter.

Located 30 km and a 15-minute flight north of Churchill on a strip of land bordered by Dymond Lake and Hudson Bay, the Dymond Lake Ecolodge offers 8 rooms with double occupancy.

Like the Seal River Heritage Lodge, Dymond Lake Ecolodge maximizes viewing potential by offering guests the opportunity to see polar bears from a variety of locations. 

Once again, whether from one of the nature trails, from the lodge’s observation tower or directly from the lodge’s panoramic windows, you will see polar bears in a unique way.

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