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Norwegian nature is incredibly beautiful. Between clear waterfalls, crystal clear fjords, majestic mountains and spectacular glaciers, Norway is a favourite destination for nature lovers. The country is also a playground for exceptional natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights or the midnight sun.

When to leave ?
Norway is a destination for all seasons; your choice will depend on the activities you wish to do. In winter, you can enjoy activities in the snow, and especially try to admire the Northern Lights! On the other hand, be prepared to fight the cold and rain, as Norwegian winters are not very kind to tourists. In summer, temperatures are mild, which allows you to fully enjoy the wonders the country has to offer. Moreover, if you go north of the Arctic Circle, you can admire the incredible phenomenon of the midnight sun …

Carte de la Norvège avec points d'intérêts

Nos coups de cœur

The Lofoten Islands

aison norvégienne iles Lofoten
Aurores boréales aux iles Lofoten
Ski dans les îles Lofoten

The Lofoten Islands are a jewel of wilderness with majestic mountain scenery, deep blue fjords, bird colonies and beautiful surf beaches. Located north of the Arctic Circle, the archipelago is also a paradise for admiring the Northern Lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer.

For unforgettable outdoor experiences, the Lofoten are the perfect place. The diverse relief of the region makes it possible to go on wonderful hikes. For those who don’t like to walk too much, the archipelago also offers various skiing, fishing, rafting, surfing and ocean diving spots. And if you want to go around the archipelago without taking the car, opt for cycling or kayaking!


Vue Tromsø
Soleil de minuit Tromso
Queue de baleine Tromso

Like the Lofoten Islands, the city of Tromsø is situated above the Arctic Circle, making it one of the best destinations for watching the midnight sun in summer and the Northern Lights in winter. In addition to these two exceptional natural phenomena, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city all year round by taking the cable car or climbing the 1200 steps that lead up to Mount Storsteinen.

For the more sporty, there are some great walks in Tromsø! Enjoy the unique combination of mountain and sea. Even if you are not a sportsman, you can still enjoy great experiences in Tromsø, such as the encounter with humpback whales. Enjoy the spectacle of the whales hitting the surface of the water with their tails before diving into the depths …

In this part of Norway you can also discover the Sámi culture and its ancestral traditions.

Région de Stavanger

Musée maritime à Stavanger

Former European Capital of Culture, Stanvanger offers many possibilities for visits! The city centre is fairly compact and you can easily reach most attractions on foot. The old town offers the best preserved wooden house district in Europe, consisting of more than 170 white wooden houses. During your walk, don’t hesitate to stop and visit the many museums in the city, such as the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, the Stavanger Museum of Fine Arts and the Norwegian Canning Museum!

In the Stavanger area you can also experience one of the most beautiful hikes in the country to reach the Preikestolen (or Pulpit Rock).
This imposing cliff is 604 metres above the waters of the Lysefjord. On arrival, the impressive view of the fjord makes us feel like we are on top of the world. The Preikestolen has few competitors when it comes to views…

It takes about 2 to 3 hours of walking to reach the summit. Although the weather conditions are more favourable in summer in Norway, the advantage of going off-season is to avoid the crowds of tourists who crowd on top of the rock. It is then easier to enjoy the magic of the place and immortalise the moment.
The ascent to Preikestolen does not require an extraordinary level of hiking and the path is well marked. However, you need to be equipped and above all be careful!

Preikestolen Norvège

Geiranger Fjord

Geirangerfjord bateaux
Cascade Geirengerfjord

Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers emerald waters, majestic snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and lush vegetation. For nature lovers, the area is a paradise without equal. Explore the fjord and admire its waterfalls with one of the many Geirangerfjord cruises and sightseeing excursions, go hiking alone or accompanied through the beautiful surrounding landscape, or discover the grandeur of the fjords on board a kayak. Fishing, rafting and cycling are among the many popular activities in the area.

With its narrow bends lined with stone walls, terrifying for some, but always breathtaking with endless waterfalls, the Trollstigen mountain road is an attraction not to be missed under any circumstances. It is also a way to get to the Geirangerfjord region. The road dates back to 1936 and is a testimony to pure architectural genius combined with impeccable craftsmanship.


Briksdalsbreen is a famous arm of the glacier that lies in a beautiful setting between high peaks and roaring waterfalls, falling 1200 metres into the narrow Briksdal valley. It is a spectacular sight attracting visitors from all over the world. It takes a short hour’s walk to reach the foot of the glacier. On the way: waterfalls, rivers and beautiful scenery intermingle to give you a taste of the beauty of the final.

The glacier is in perpetual movement, and you can regularly hear its creaking sounds. Blocks of ice are frequently seen breaking away from the glacier. It is not advisable to approach the glacier because of the falling rocks and to swim, even if the clear water is very attractive…

Glacier Norvège

Bergen, « capitale des fjords »

Quartier de Bryggen à Bergen
Marché aux poissons de Bergen
Funiculaire Bergen
Téléphérique Bergen

The second largest city in Norway, Bergen is nestled between Norway’s two largest fjords – Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord. This makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the fjords. The city also has an important cultural aspect, with its many museums and aquariums, but above all thanks to the Bryggen district. The Bryggen district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the most obvious relic of the time when Bergen was a trading centre with the rest of Europe. Bergen’s fish market has become one of Norway’s most popular open-air markets, with stalls selling fruit, vegetables, handicrafts and souvenirs.

The city is also beautiful from above. The easiest summit to reach is Fløyen, which is 320 metres above sea level. It is connected to the city centre by the Fløybanen funicular, which takes six minutes. The highest point of Bergen’s seven hills is the 643-metre-high Ulriken. It can be reached by cable car. From the top of the Ulriken, you can enjoy a panoramic view of sea, islands, mountains and fjords, which illustrates Bergen’s nickname as the “capital of the fjords” …

The Flåm Railway

Chemin de fer de Flam
Village de Flam
Flam Railway

Voted the world’s most incredible train journey by the Lonely Planet in 2014, the Flåm Railway is one of the most beautiful ways to discover Norway.

On this 20-kilometre train journey you can see rivers that have carved very deep ravines, waterfalls tumbling down the steep slopes of snow-covered mountains and mountain farms clinging vertiginously to steep hillsides . A great way to discover Norway from the inside, effortlessly!


Herangtunet boutique hotel

Herangtunet is both an intimate hotel and a luxury hotel. It is probably the best hotel in Norway.

The owners have spent many years making it into the wonderful, welcoming place it is today. A place where ideas have found their place in four suites and five rooms, each with its own identity and its own story to tell when you sit in one of the chairs in front of the fireplace.

The cuisine is prepared with local ingredients but also according to the harvests in the woods for mushrooms, berries and edible plants or fish caught in the fjord.

Hiking in the beautiful Jotunheimen National Park, skiing on the slopes of Beitostølen, riding a Husky dog sled, enjoying traditional Nørsk cuisine with a contemporary touch, catching your own trout for dinner in the Heggefjord, surrounded by unspoilt nature, you will find yourself embraced by luxury, comfort and much more.

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