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Who hasn’t dreamed of a winter in Lapland, lulled by the crackling of a good wood fire, in the forest, under the magical ballet of the Northern Lights?
Just listen to a Sami Shaman who will tell you the story of these captivating people.
Located in Northern Finland, Lapland is an Arctic land of contrasts where a form of magic is omnipresent.
In summer the sun is permanent and the dawn blends with the dawn, and in winter the almost permanent darkness gives you the feeling of endless intense evenings.

If you are in love with wild nature, some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and clean air, then Lapland is the place for you.

Lapland is not a country but a culture carried by a people who live in 4 countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia.
Many people think that Sami culture is only the radiance of ancestral traditions: colourful costumes, traditional specialities and handicrafts or reindeer herding.
But the Sami heritage has remained alive and has even evolved! In Lapland, you can visit a Sámi village and experience their way of life: dog sledding, Sami tent camps, and reindeer watching…
An unforgettable experience!

Good to know :
Aurora Borealis is the result of an excitation of nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the atmosphere.
The most common colour is green and can be observed from early September to early April.

Carte de la Laponie Finlandaise avec points d'intérêts

In winter, lovers can share romantic nights under the stars and the Northern Lights in ice or glass igloos.
Sports enthusiasts can enjoy splendid snowshoe hikes in the wild forest, and families can meet Santa Claus on sleighs pulled by dogs or reindeer.
You can also go downhill or cross-country skiing, or simply share a good sauna in your cabin at the bottom of the woods.

In the summer, you will have the choice for your hikes in the middle of nature!
On foot, of course, but also by canoe with a Husky, by sleigh with wheels, on horseback, by mountain bike, in kayaks, or in Quads.
You can also opt for a milder day at the riverside, fishing or gold panning, an activity still practised in this region, all under a sun shining from midday to midnight.

In winter, snow and cold lovers will be delighted, in summer, nature and fresh air will make you enjoy these endless days to the fullest. What is certain is that everyone will return home with their eyes full of stars.

So you can experience Lapland in a very different way. The best way is to go to one of its many lodges for a “multi activity” stay. We present here only our favourite, but many other similar accommodations exist.

Our favourite Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park

The extensive Urho Kekkonen Park stretches eastwards from the seaside resort of Saariselkä through the wilderness of Finnish Lapland to the Russian border.
The night sky is illuminated by the Northern Lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer.
Finland’s second oldest national park, its wilderness areas and hills are protected for present and future generations: the tradition of nature-based industries lives on.

More than 20 species of mammals live in this park.
Large carnivores, such as brown bears, wolverines, wolves and lynx, remain in the most remote parts of the park. You are more likely to encounter reindeer, hares, moose and foxes.
It is also home to shrews and voles and their predators, martens, weasels and ermines.
Near a stream, you might spot an otter or see the tracks it leaves behind on its fishing expeditions.
The endangered freshwater pearl mussel lives in a few places in this park.

Our favourite: the kakslauttanen Artic Resort

The Kelo Glass Igloos Formula

The Glass Igloos Formula

The Log Cabins formula

Santa’s village

The “official” Father Christmas village is located much further south in Lapland. We can arrange a visit for you, but this will require an overnight stay near Rovaniemi and a transfer there and back.

You should know that Santa Claus has many residences in this region and that we prefer you to meet him in his quiet country house, close to your lodge, which will suddenly be a more authentic and less touristic experience!

for more info about the kakslauttanen Artic Resort, click here

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