Paradise Sun – Praslin, Seychelles Islands

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At the end of a 2 km stretch of crushed white coral sand, bordered by granite rocks, discover the Paradise Sun.
Charming French Creole bungalows facing the ocean amidst tropical flower gardens.
The turquoise horizon is interrupted only by the beauty of St Pierre Island postcards and floating sailboats .

Discover the unique forests of the Seychelles, the clear waters of famous dive sites, the best beaches in the world, and the coconut dancers of the sea and Moutya.
Creole warmth and island discovery, fresh ocean and garden cuisine, endless jungle and underwater exploration and all-natural spa regeneration make this hotel in Praslin, Seychelles a place for family, romance and adventure.

From breakfast by the pool to lunch on the beach with your feet in the sand, from dinner facing the ocean at St Pierre Beach Restaurant, the Paradise Sun ‘s cuisine is a festival of local Creole flavors, ocean-fresh sashimi, jungle fruits and French pastries.

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